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How to Uninstall Avast Secure Browser

While Avast is well known inside the antivirus software program industry, their particular security browser has been acquiring some critique due to its behavior. The good thing is that it can be un-installed from a Windows machine in a classic way throughout the Programs and Features Control Panel applet. Otherwise, you can download their uninstaller from the Avast website and run that to remove the application from your pc. The process may also delete any kind of data it has stored, such as your record, bookmarks, add-ons plus more.

To do so, earliest you’ll need to log in to your PC seeing that an admin user. Therefore, open the Start menu (or press Gain key) and select Apps or perhaps Programs, depending on whether your screen is defined to tiny icons or perhaps large icons view. Yourself the Avast Secure Web browser program, right-click it and choose Remove. If you’re caused by the Individual Account Control discussion, click Yes to confirm the uninstaller’s action. Afterwards, you can tick the “Also delete browsing data” box to also get rid of traces of your profile from the system.

More advanced users often apply specific features for this purpose, including IObit Deletion or perhaps CCleaner. While these programs may have got a slightly more complicated process, they’re known for their ability to fully take away applications with absolutely no residues forgotten. In the case of Avast Secure Browser, this is specifically important since the browser gathers and directs data on your own activity towards the company’s hosts automatically, even if you don’t explicit opt-in.


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